Cookie play sexy muscle-car rock and sleazy C&W with a glittery flash of metal. There like some kind of girl-powered roots-rock gone evil; a classic power trio consisting of mariachi guitar god, JayMe LayMe, cycle stud drummer/pyrotechnic genius, Tommy Sparks and their showy front-fox/bassist, Sabrina RockArena. In fact, if Joey Ramone and Patsy Cline had an illegitimate love child, Cookies fiery front woman would be it.

Like a rock n' roll super heroine with enough attitude to bring even the most chauvinistic rock guy to his knees, her whiskey drenched, chain-smoking rasp - part heartbreak, part speed trap, all rock and roll is the fuel that drives this machine.

Conceived in California's South Bay Area circa 1995, Cookie immediately took to the road with a vengeance. Eight tours, three years and two vans later, RockArena and LayMe found themselves stationed in Seattle, bolstering their street cred with the addition of cycle stud Sparks on drums. In addition to his hard-hitting drum style, the appropriately named Sparks brings a genius for homemade pyrotechnics to the band's arsenal. There's no arguing with the fact that Cookie literally boasts one of the most explosive live shows around.

The band unleashed its first album, All Hell Can't Stop Us, in late 1999. Recorded with Conrad Uno (Mudhoney, Zeke, Supersuckers, The Presidents of the United States of America,) it quickly generated a buzz, gaining airplay on top Seattle stations KISW, KNDD and KEXP. It also created quite a stir at local, regional and national press - including a recent story in Billboard by Senior Editor Larry Flick, mentions in two consecutive issues of Rolling Stone, and features in Ms. Magazine, Hit List, Wahine and NY Waste. One track, "Wild Ride", was even licensed for a Sega Dreamcast game, appearing alongside Queens of the Stone Age.

Since then, Cookie has been amazing audiences across the country with one of the most confident and exciting on-stage performances around, landing enviable slots on the Van's WARPED Tour, NXNW, National Academy of Recording Arts & Science's GRAMMY In The Streets, ROCKRGRL Music Conference, Pain In The Grass, and a slew of successful national tours.

The band also caught the eye of Missy Broom, head designer for Paul Frank Industries, inspiring her to create a red plaid "Sabrina RockArena" handbag which is now available in retail stores worldwide.

Which leads us to the here and now, specifically the release of Cookie's second and latest studio effort, Sweat-Soaked & Satisfied, on Infect Records. It's also the band's second opportunity to work with legendary multi-platinum producer, Conrad Uno. "We made All Hell Can't Stop Us with Conrad", says LayMe, "and it was such a success that we just really wanted to work with him again."

Picking up where the first album left off, Sweat-Soaked & Satisfied is a firecracker of an album. The band tears through 11 soon-to-be classic anthems, from the sing-along ode to the time-honored cure for the blues, "Double Shot" to the furious "Half Way Across the USA" to the vintage-sounding bittersweet crackle of "Cold".

Not content to rest on their laurels, the band is already gearing up for tours of the U.S. and Europe. In fact, Cookie's hard work has put them in the position of being a band whose punk rock spirit may carry them over to commercial success.

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